What is the Fire Safety Order? The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order came into force in October 2006 and replaced lots of other legislation, dating from 1947 onwards. It streamlines this old legislation and places responsibility for fire safety matters firmly with those who are best placed to tackle it – employers, building owners and employees.
Who is affected by the Fire Safety Order? This law affects all non-domestic premises in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It applies to you if you are an employer, responsible for business premises, self employed with business premises or a contractor with some control over premises. It also applies to charities and voluntary organisations.
What do I have to do? The Fire Safety Order places a duty on a 'Responsible Person' to carry out a Fire risk assessment then act on the findings in order to minimise the risk to people by fire.
What is a Fire Risk Assessment ? It is a five step process that will assess the risk to your employees and other people, identify any weaknesses in your fire safety procedures and tell you how to reduce or remove any unacceptable risks.
Why should I pay for a Fire Risk Assessment to be done? We are Fire professionals with years of experience, able to recognise risks and issues relevant to your business which an inexperienced person may miss .
Will my local Fire and Rescue Service do my Fire Risk Assessment for me? No. You can go to them for advice and feedback, but they will not do the Fire Risk Assessment for you.
Who needs to see my Fire Risk Assessment when it is completed? Your staff need to be aware of the findings of the Fire Risk Assessment and you need to provide adequate instruction and training for them in respect of your emergency plan and anything else related to the outcome of the assessment. You don’t need to send it to the fire authority, but they may ask to see it.
What happens if I don't comply with the Legislation? The Fire and Rescue Authorities are the enforcing authorities for the Order, and as such can ask to inspect your premises and see your Fire Risk Assessment. If there are found to be serious risks that are not being managed, they have a statutory duty to enforce the Order. This can include issuing Enforcement Orders and, if necessary, taking you to court.
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